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New Logo of Team Revanta

According to the rig-veda Revanta is the youngest son of the Sun God, Surya & symbolizing power, energy, fire, wind and thunder, we present the new face of Revanta. The symbol means the fire cross, which is a symbol for the Sun in Latvia symbols, hence associating Revanta to the son of Sun God and the grace in manipulating electricity and solar energy.


From struggle to smile, and hopelessness to joyfulness, they stood with us who says, they are leaving. The sweet memories will always be cherished for the bonds they share are inextricable. Seperation is the law of nature. Drowning into the sea of nostalgia its harsh to bid them adieu but Sayonara seniors; and cheer to the good old times camaraderie. A beautiful future awaits to embrace you!


Moments of anxiety, fear of loosing, hardwork, stedfast efforts and multitude of emotions kissed Revanta throught the year. History recreated itself , when team Revanta held the flag of NIT Jamshedpur, flattering in the sky, securing 3rd position at IASC, 2018. The sleek chiralrie design of solar vehicle blended with more than 30 innovations was a matter of immense joy. The team left for the battle field on 6th April for the event at Bhopal. The team looks forward to bring more laurels to society at large. Keep supporting us and keep loving.

Who Are We?

Team revanta is a group of budding engineering students of NIT Jamshedpur eager to apply their engineering skills in creating a mileage marvel. It is the brainchild of students determined and committed to apply their acquired engineering knowledge and understanding in creating a Supermileage vehicle.

Team Revanta was started in the year 2009 and since then the team has been continuously participating in international events like Shell Eco - Marathon Asia and SAE Supermileage.....

What We Do?

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We have the skills to design commercial automobile like e-car, golf car etc and their related parts.

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We participate in national and international events like shell eco Marathon, Esvc , Iasc.

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Regular workshops and training sessions are organized to help students interested in automotive field.

Sponsor Us

We still have a long way to go in a short period of time and we aren't completely self sufficient as of now and as every hand helps, it'd be helpful if you donate us now to kick-start our operation and come up with the best product available for the market.

Revanta on Ketto

Ketto has provided a platform to raise funds from all over the world in an easy and safe way