Team Revanta

TEAM REVANTA is a group of passionate engineering students of NIT Jamshedpur who have an urge to apply their knowledge in building highly efficient, mileage marvel. We aim in making hybrid solar electric vehicles with least to no impact on environment. With a humble beginning in 2009 , the team has grown exponentially learning from each and every past experiences and thus getting better everytime. REVANTA keeps exceeding its limit and breaking every barrier coming in its way. Through this process, TEAM REVANTA achieved a lot in national and international platforms like IASC, ESVC, Shell Eco-Marathon Asia etc. Here at REVANTA, we aim in building a hybrid electric solar vehicle that is light and provide maximum mileage at minimum charging. Such vehicles can be used by general public as they will be cheap and won't harm the nature. Through our motto "GO GREEN" we convey the message that we don't want to save environment, we want to build an environment that doesn't require saving. We are thankful to our dedicated alumni of NIT Jamshedpur who helped us through all and demonstrated commitment to us. Through REVANTA we serve the needs of the upcoming next generation engineers

What We Do?

We Design

We have the skills to design commercial automobile like e-car, golf car etc and their related parts.

We Compete

We participate in national and international events like shell eco Marathon, Esvc , Iasc.

We Train

Regular workshops and training sessions are organized to help students interested in automotive field.

Team Founder

Revanta Supermileage was started in the year 2009 as a result of the dream of a group of students who wanted to break the barriers of mileage. The team is being guided by Dr. KDP Singh (Mech. Dept) and Dr. Madhu Singh (Elect. Dept). Within a year of its inception, it participated in two International events, namely- SAE Supermileage-2010, held in Michigan, USA and Shell Eco Marathon Asia- 2011 and 2012, successively held in Kualalumpur, Malaysia. Both of these were under the Gasoline category. The team then decided to shift gears and switched into the Electric Solar Hybrid Category. Under this category, after a lot of research work the team participated in the Electric Solar Vehicle Championship-2014 led by Gaurav Singh (MME) and came out with flying colours, securing the fourth rank in the virtuals and an over all remarkable performance in the dynamic event.

Current Target

Currently the team is engaged in doing research to improve the mileage and efficiency of Electric-Solar Vehicle. The team is also looking forward to make an ultra-light, cost effective Hybrid-solar-Vehicle.Contribute to grow revanta